We have A Solution for Agricultural Plastic Waste

Leasing Grain Bags is a cost efficient and environmental solution for Producers.

Our Solution


Leasing grain bags preserve cash, and extends credit limits, in addition to offering tax reduction advantages.

On Demand

Bumper crop? Extend your storage when you need it, and reduce storage when you don’t .

Eco Friendly

Leasing and returning Grain Bags is good for the planet responsibly recycling and reducing AgriPlastice waste.


We believe accountability matters, so we track all our assets for responsible recovery & proper recycling.

Capacity to Grow Responsibly

” Expanding or shrinking storage capacity without having to invest in additional infrastructure gives me a real advantage.  Plus is environmentally responsible too!”

Why invest in permanent storage solutions for a temporary problem? Leasing grain bags is an environmentally responsible solution that preserves your cash, does not impact your credit limits, and can offer some real tax advantages to while meeting your storage needs.

In Partnership With

We have partnered with some of the most innovative, cutting edge technology companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Of course there are! This is where we will put the most frequently asked questions and answers..

- Best Farming method.Grain Bag Solution

“Ag Bag Mapping offers me a solid system that serves me from field to warehouse to shipping, all at a reasonable cost. I can focus on other tasks while my storage needs, recycling, and return after use is all looked after. The company tagged bags are delivered and picked up after use, and I know each bag is recycled.

James Fallery

Ag Bag Mapper client

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